Monday, February 02, 2009

The food police: EP styly

Tomorrow, the GUE/NGL group were going to have a bit of a slap up nosh for lunch. They had asked for their MEPs and staff to bring local specialities... But then they hit the buffers of parliamentary bureacracy,

Dear all,

As you know, tomorrow at 13:00 our group is holding its small "gastronomic meeting" with specialities from all our different countries.

The health standards laid down by the EP require us to draw up a list of our products, because of strict controls.

I have to give this list to the relevant service this afternoon at the latest.
Can you please send me by email a list of the products you have brought with you as well as their sell-by dates. This is also valid for drinks.

Sorry to disturb you with this, but without this information, we will not be authorised to organise this lunch.

Please find attached the invitation with the time of the event and the venue.

Have a nice afternoon.

Oh for Pete's sake... I wonder if their is a civil servant with the official role of poison tester?

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