Monday, February 02, 2009


Well sort of,

Those sad sacks at the subsidised wing of the anti smoking lobby ASH have demanded the death of some much loved characters,

ANTI-smoking campaigners want soap chiefs to kill off cig-puffing characters Deirdre Barlow and Dot Cotton.
They claim the shows “advertise” cigarettes without warning viewers of the danger of cancer.
Even better is the whining tone of he complaints,

“For Dot and Deirdre to get something like lung cancer would have a massive effect on the audience. The Government should be leaning on shows like this.”

And the Roy Castle charity’s chief executive Dr Rosemary Gillespie criticised producers for making well-liked characters smoke when ciggies used to be reserved for dodgy types.

Dr Gillespie said: “Soaps used to depict characters that were shady, or the annoying gossip types, as the ones that smoked.
God they are a miserable bunch of puritans.

"Somebody who does not fit our ideal of perfection was seen smiling... We will have to put a stop to that".

Hat tip Mr Puddlecote


Dick Puddlecote said...

I had a bash at that story myself earlier

A bit sick if you ask me. Do these people go to sleep eagerly dreaming of someone famous contracting cancer so they can hector a bit more?

I bet those ker-aaaazy ASH guys and gals are a rip-roaring night out.

Chalcedonite said...

They are not Puritans. True Puritans are libertarians.