Tuesday, February 03, 2009

So what did you do when you were Europe Minister

According to the Western Mail, Peter Hain is a little confused about the 'British jobs for British workers' row.
Former Welsh Secretary Peter Hain said it was a “puzzle” that foreign firms could bring workers over to the UK for contract work, pay their accommodation costs and remain within EU employment rules.
“This does not seem to me to add up,” he said. “The real answer to this puzzle [is] these contracts are sub-contracted all the way down the line to the point where nobody really knows.”
This chump wasn't just a former Welsh Secretary he was the Europe Minister. So how the hell can he be puzzled. This is him back when he was the Minister in 2002,
It is estimated that enlargement will create 300,000 jobs across the EU, including thousands in Britain, as companies take advantage of trade opportunities.

Enlargement will enhance co-operation, helping us to tackle problems that do not recognise borders, such as pollution, drug smuggling and people trafficking. My right hon. Friend the Member for Gateshead, East and Washington, West was right. The same fears were expressed about the accession of Spain and Portugal. In fact, the reverse was the case. People went back to Spain and Portugal as those countries gained prosperity through membership of Europe.
So the Portugeese went home, and then came back. That is the wonder of the free movement of people, but how he can pretend he doesn't understand the problem beggars belief.

Either he has forgotten, is thick, or dishonest. Now I wonder which of these is most likely.


Vindico said...

Well, wither he is lying or he is as think as shit. The problem is that I can't choose between the two - he is a politician!

Budgie said...

Well, he was dishonest about his ZaNu Lab deputy leader election donations of £100,000 and the front company they were channeled through.