Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why destroy a decent organistaion?

Wlliam Hague is a man who I have always had reat deal of respect, however he is getting worse and worse as teh Tories crawl and crawl toward governing us.

His latest suggestion is wrong in so many ways. As a Conservative he should not be supporting the growth of Tranzi organisations. As a Briton he should be supportive of the Commonwealth.

So why the hell is he trying to destroy something that could work for the common good of the Anglosphere?
The Commonwealth should take on more members to increase its influence, shadow foreign secretary William Hague is expected to say in a speech.
The organisation can act as a "bridge across divides of religion, ethnicity, culture and wealth, to the benefit of common humanity", he will add.
It seems that he feels that it should become,
"an "ideal conduit" for reform in the Arab world",
Now much of the rest of his speech is sensible and is accurate,
"Relinquishing our Commonwealth commitments is incredibly short-sighted and ultimately detrimental to the prosperity and sphere of influence of our country."

The shadow foreign secretary will add: "Commonwealth trade and investment now accounts for over 20% of the world total and there is the potential to increase this share further.

"There are huge economic benefits to be gained and Britain must capitalise on these opportunities.

"The advantages of commonalities in language, education, professional training and legal and financial institutions still often remain and it has been estimated that these create a 15% cost advantage over business with countries outside the Commonwealth."
but expanding beyond the commonalities would destroy everything good that it could do.

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