Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Toe curling, that's the only description

This acme of pulchritude is Marie Anner Isler Beguin, a French Green MEP.

She is of course very excited about the normal stuff that you would expect, climate change, GMO's, chemicals and so on.

But none of this explains or excuses this that came through the mail this morning.

The 28th January itself being a very odd time to send a New Year card, but what it says is just drippingly awful. And I badly translate

Marie Anner Isler Beguin and her team
Wish the chilling of global warming,
a thaw in diplomatic relations,
a cooling of hot spirits,
the warming of the human and intercommunal relations,
and the reduction of the carbon footprint

Oh my giddy aunt, who writes this stuff, and why are your taxes going into producing it?


Witterings From Witney said...

Gawain - its a 'girly' thing - be reasonable, how do you expect us fellas to understand!

Sue said...

That's gagworthy, even for a girlie thing!

A Girlie said...

I think it's quite clever!

The Aunt said...

As your giddy Aunt I have to say that is truly bucketworthy.

The text is bad enough but the flowery powery graphics and the eyes.... eeeek.

Budgie said...

What is up with western civilisation? We seem to have left rationality and science behind and now only worship at the altar of fashion.