Monday, May 28, 2007

What does this picture suggest to you?

Whilst I have reported before on the Belgian Senate Elections coming up on the 10th of June, (and Tippler has delved a little deeper into that), I spotted this poster whilst out and about yesterday.
The PJM, or "Parti Jeunes Musulmans", is run by a chap called Jean Francois Bastin, a Muslim convert, or revert, now calling himself Abdullah Abu Abdulaziz. (all translations are mine and thus prone to error),
Looking at the poster I was struck, as no doubt anybody would be at the way in which the two men are their in all their hirsute splendour, and yet the female candidate is covered by text.

According to their stated doctrine, statute and principles they are a democratic, equality driven party, with no bias at all. Hitherto it has failed to achieve much impact electoraly, and seems to have spent it energies trying to have St Nicholas removed from schools, due to Santa's obvious impostion. He,
"is an damaging example of this undercover totalitarian, operated on young consciences, in the name of an omnipresent cultural reference. It is extraordinary, is it not, that this crowned image of a bishop, a resolutely neo-colonial figure, giver of toys and candies, whose impact on the young consciences is considerable (is everywhere in schools).

They do not wish to found an Islamic state in Belgium,
"The objective of the PJM is obviously, not in any way the creation of an Islamic State in Belgium!", which is encouraging.
Or at least not yet,
"The PJM is perfectly conscious that Moslems will be able to live (in an Islamic State) only when and as God's will has decided, in an Islam completely restored in its original authenticity, in a really Islamic and independent State, perfectly respectful and respected other States of the international community".

On democracy the PJM states,
"The PJM plays the democratic game. Without letting itself being democratic. Without ticks. It scrupulously respects the rules. It plays it straight. This does not prevent it from promoting another system, another form of governorship, elaborated by God, which conforms with the destiny of Moslems, of Islam, of humanity in general, whose rules are not fixed by the men, but by God.
The day will come, it will happen (and all Moslems which respectfully take part), they will thank their hosts and will join their country (the Islamic State-
(?)), but not without inviting its former partners to join it, to continue, if they wish it, taking part! (I cannot be sure but this looks like dhimmitude to me)".
A direct comment from the leader is thus,
"Moslems have the right to establish a State which will allow us to live according to the divine law. But, in the current state, we do not want to establish the sharia in Belgium"

Oddly enough the only reference to women on the Party website comes in demands to be allowed to wear the veil. However after a little more searching one can find comments made by Jean Francois Bastin, on a French language TV program, where he is quoted as saying, "On sait qu'une femme doit faire à manger, repasser, tandis qu'un homme ne fait pas tout ça et a donc du temps à consacrer à la politique"
Or roughly put,
"One might say that women have, continually to do housework, whereas men, not having to do that have time for politics".
On violence against women he says,
One does not strike women, the religion prohibits it, remember? (But)I would kiss you on both cheeks if I could.”
Answer to a Moslem socialist candidate,
One can strike but only when one does not have the wrong idea
So, whilst the majority is not Muslim, then Belgium is safe from Sharia, and women are safe from wife beating, as long as the beater does it from the right perspective.

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Vote Freedom said...

Considering the large concentration of Muslims in the UK I don't think it will be long before we see that here. But I have noticed at the moment the muslim community have not bothered with our own electoral system. But created their own parliaments which are seperate from our system. So much for intergration.