Friday, May 25, 2007

This is all getting rather silly

This is a few days old. But I am still reeling from the patent madness of it all. Dr Roberta Carol Blackman-Woods MP for the City of Durham made this comment,

"Dr. Blackman-Woods: I thank the Minister for her response. Does she agree that much could be done to tackle child obesity and health inequalities if she was to work with colleagues in the Department for Education and Skills to build on the excellent initiative of providing free fruit and veg to schools and deliver free, compulsory, nutritious school meals for all children?"
Why stop at children, how about adults as well, after all fat adults cost the Health Service huge amounts? Why enforcebly close down all fast food joints? Why not ban IKEA and the like from selling kitchens. Indeed why not close down all public access food suppplies?

Then in the perfect world people like the good Doctor (a sociologist by the way, not a physician) could create huge state dining areas, where all could Oliver like stand in line for scrapings from the authorised pot.

Lord help us, people vote for control freaks like this.


Honey said...

"build on the excellent initiative of providing free fruit and veg to schools and deliver free, compulsory, nutritious school meals for all children"

I'm guessing the word you have a problem with is 'compulsory' but I love the rest of the initiative,I reckon all kids should have access whilst at school to nutritious and tasty meals instead of chips burgers and ice cream and they should be ecouraged to eat them.

Lynx said...

I remember seeing something on the BBC about a school that switched to only serving healthy, tasty, nutritious meals. A group of mothers started turning up at lunchtime to supply their offspring with chips, burgers etc!

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. I'm all for encouraging people to consider healthy eating; but I'm with Spanish Goth on the salad thing: "Take that grass and stuff off my plate and feed it to the rabbits!".

Elaib said...

Of course it would be a good thing for children to eat all that is god and healthy, though of course their are disputes as to exactly what those things are. Me I would prefer schools to source local produce, not only because of the food miles thingy, but because of a whole gamut of reasons. I do not see or understand the organic food hysteria, the jury is still out on whether it is indeed bette for you. NOr do I demand gmo free food, but overall it must make sense. It ties local communities together for one.
There again it would of course be inpraticle in our conurbations.
You are of course right however. It is the compulsion that sticks in my throat.
When will our governors understand that we are not theirs to do with as they see fit in their headline, fashion fixated way. They are in fact ours to elect and dispose of as we see fit.
Treat people as autonomous aduklts an, by annd large they will behave in such a way. Contyinue to treat us like children to be bullied, praised and cosseted and we will all behave in a like minded way, instant gratification, selfish and consequence free.
When we stand before St Peter (or any other recjkoning for our behaviour, it will be no excuse to blame the government for not forcing us to feed ourselves propely.