Friday, May 25, 2007

This gives me some hope

Sad to see Lord Renton die, but this little snippet rather cheers me up,
Just before his 95th birthday, he passed his driving test on the first attempt.
It appears that having driven for fity years and more without a licence the former Tory Minister was advised to comply,
"The decision to finally bite the bullet and take a test came last month after he had what he describes as "a minor altercation with a wing mirror" as he travelled along the Embankment in London.

A police officer suggested to him that an eye-test and a driving test might be in order".

"while his examiner was very courteous, he was rather concerned when he was asked to take the test in a new Ford saloon.
"They asked me a number of questions and to scribble something down, then they told me to step into the car and we went for a whiz round.
"I usually drive a rather older Vauxhall Corsa Elegance and, before the war, it was a Humber. But there weren't so many cars on the road then."

Do they make them like that any more?

Trying to book a driving test myself at the present, being a little gnarled and crusty this spurs my ambition.


The Aunt said...

About bloody time. If Cpl. Vol. Turtle Boy can do it, so can you.

Anonymous said...

Do you really need to pass a test to drive in Brussels? Most of the population seems to get by on driving wherever the hell they want, with liberal use of hand signals and the hooter!

Anyway, good luck!