Monday, May 28, 2007

Thereby hangs a tale

For some unknown reason, my daughter once pointed at me and said, "Daddy, you have a tail". She then pointed at her brother, "Daddy, he has a tail".
Well I suppose that they have to have a name for it, if I remember I was convinced that they were called 'tassels' until I went to school.

However yesterday we all went off to a children's fete put on by the commune and as we waited in line to take a pony ride she turned to me and said,
"Daddy, that horse has a tail, just like you".

Well who I am to disagree?


SpanishGoth said...

Your hairdresser is Stevie Wonder? Kind of explains a lot...

Tippler said...

So, you're hung like a pony?

I suppose that's a start. I just HABE to hear Honey's reaction to your daughter's comment! :-)