Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tragic bat has misery function

Ladies and gentlemen,
May I introduce you to Mary Honeyball MEP, (known childishly in the plastic palace as The Hairy Moneyball).
This poor excuse for a human has, like many of her type, been subjected to that most devastating of surgical procedures, a humourectomy. One of the UKIP members Godfey Bloom has discovered the delights of podcasting.
He sees them as a way to engage with the electorate, and he talks as he talks. They are larded with barbs, jibes, jokes self deprecation and general frivolity. In one of these podcasts he attacked the Women's Affairs Committee, on which he sits for concentrating almost to the exclusion of all other things on the issues of rape and prostitution. Indeed whatever subject is on the agenda, maternity leave, equalisation of male female pay rates, whatever the debate gets back to the two areas where the Committee is fixated. There have been a fair few occasions when Mr Bloom has appealed to Anna Zaborska to get the debate back on track (which is what they are paid to do after all, rather than just ride a couple of hobbyhorses to the exclusion of all else), complaints that are inevitably upheld.
Anyhow I now hand over to Mrs Honeyball,
"Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, has taken to podcasting. Quite why he wishes to publicise his narrow minded, bigoted and often offensive views is a mystery to me, unless of course he wants the world to know just how extreme and out of touch he really is.

His latest effort is totally out of order, even by his own warped standards. The following is a direct quote form (sic) his podcast and refers to a recent meeting of the European Parliament Women's Committee:

"It did not take long before the conversation got around to rape and prostitution, it always does. Interesting that none of [the members of the Women's Rights Committee] are in danger of the first, or indeed could earn their living from the second"

Even for Godfrey Bloom this is deeply shameful. Does he not understand the trauma of rape? Does he have no feeling for women who are violently attacked? Does he not even wish to uphold the rule of law and live in a decent society?"

Oh for pities sake woman, get a life. It is a joke against the po faced sanctimonious miseries such as yourself.

Bloom, of course has responded.
"I am amazed that Mary Honeyball could have misinterpreted my remarks. My
observations were made in committee and were minuted that no female MEP has ever been raped in the European Parliament so it is statistically unlikely they would
be. When I suggested they could not earn their living as prostitutes it was because of their high moral ethic and work rate, it would therefore be a profession totally alien to them.

I am amazed Mary Honeyball has such a low opinion of the other members of the committee that she could have interpreted them any other way".
Bloom, of course should understand that as an elected politician he has no business remaining human, but there it is.


Tippler said...

That, my friend, is piss funny.

And soooooo Godders.

I think I shall by the daft twat a pint.

The Cynical Libertarian said...

If only one could email handshakes!