Thursday, May 24, 2007

A quick peek under the curtain or "My phone tells me when to duck"

Every now and then one gets a glimpse of a whole world of which one is unaware. Yesterday provided such a glimpse. I lost my phone (for reasons too prosaic to go into here), and bough a new one, went to the shop, pointed at a phone and bought it. I was offered a grey one or a red one, and went for the red.

I wandered off to the car park and opened the box. The red was a little on the pinkinsh side but hey.

However on playing with the various menu functions I found one I wasn't expecting
In the Applications section, along with normal stuff like 'converter', 'clock', 'alarm' and so on was one I wasn't expecting.
'Women's Life'
In this section the options are as follows,
'Fragrance type'
'Height/Weight ratio'
'Shopping list'

So far so unremarkable, but I was struck by the next one
'Pink Schedule'.

What on earth is that? Thinks I.
Please tap in the 'starting date of last menses'

That the? My mobile phone gives me a alarm warning about when I get my next period!!

That is way too much information. Though I suppose if I tap in my delightful wife's dates here it could save me a fair bit of bother, such as when not to even try to disagree.

After the unfortunate incident of the passport cover this could get a little difficult to explain.


Mike Wood said...

"The red was a little on the pinkinsh side but hey"

Is that how the whole passport thing happened as well?

Elaib said...

Something like that

Honey said...


Elaib said...

No, just comfortable with pink

Elaib said...

Oh yes, and you only say that because you want the phone