Thursday, May 24, 2007

« Strasbourg n'est pas négociable »

Hidden in the reporting of Sarkozy's first trip to Brussels since being elected. Behind his great support for the Constitution (sorry basic law) was this little gem, (my translation so not gospel).

"Strasbourg is not negoitiable"
Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday blocked any suggestion of the European Parliament in Strasbourg being questioned, A position supported by many MEPs who would like to finish the monthly shuttles between their offices in Brussels and the Alsatian capital, "I do not see why the only negotiable thing would be Strasbourg, it is extraordinary", answered Mr. Sarkozy to the question "And Brussels, it is negotiable? ", during a press conference in Brussels.
"The complete treaties are non negotiable but the only negotiable point would be Strasbourg? I do not see why ", he continued, "No, Strasbourg that is not negotiable, it not formed part of balance created by the founders of Europe ", he added.

Well that rather cooks that particular goose, sorry about that Cecilia, people do not matter, grandstands do.

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