Monday, September 06, 2010

Trying to be polite

An informative and enjoyable piece by the redoubtable Ralf Grahn on the whole business of the Barrosso Sate of the Union address to take place on Tuesday in Strasbourg.

Sadly I don't seem to be able to access his comments section so I shall have to ask here. Ralf, what do you make of the idea that MEPs will be forced to turn up to the speech on penalty of losing their wages?

Implementation of the decision of the Conference of Presidents concerning the debate on the State of the Union

With a view to ensuring the highest possible attendance at the debate on the State of the Union, the Conference of Presidents decided at its meeting on Thursday 2 September 2010 to introduce specific checks on Members' presence in the Chamber using the electronic system at three different moments during the debate.

The President will inform the Bureau of this decision at its meeting in Strasbourg on Monday 6 September 2010 and ask it, as the body responsible for such matters, to fix the appropriate penalty for those Members who are not present for at least two of these three checks.

Do you support Bernd Posselt when he sent round a mail on Friday stating,
Dear Colleagues,

I think I am an active Member of our Parliament, since 16 years. Next week I will be in Strasbourg from Monday to Friday, i.e. also on Tuesday morning, and will be present at all the votes. But I intend, seriously, not to take part in the debate on Tuesday morning because of these three strange checks of our presence in the Chamber in this time.

This method and wording of the decision of the Confernce of Presidents is not in accordance with the dignity of the free Mandate and the Independence of an elected MEP. We are not schoolboys and schoolgirls.

With kind regards,

Bernd Posselt MEP

This has to the first time I have ever agreed with Mr Posselt. One gets the feeling that there will be a security guard at the back of the hall prepared to put an ounce of lead into the first MEP who stops applauding the great Imperial one.


Eurocentric said...

It's certainly counter-productive, and will further lower expectations for the speech.

Ralf Grahn said...


First the Commission (Reding plan, "State of the Union") and the Parliament presidencies seem to have misread the position of their institutions and public opinion, then the EP has started treating MEPs as young hooligans in a correctional institution of yonder.

They have really shoveled a lot of ammunition to you and your friends.

By now, Barroso's speech tomorrow would have to be "Great Speeches in History" stuff to undo the damage.

Ralf Grahn said...


An afterthought.

I posted two blog entries today with more detail about how the Commission has not lived up to expectations with regard to the communication 'revolution' (Reding plan) and the missing but alleged basis for the "State of the Union" speech.

Gawain Towler said...


you are so right. Sometimes I sit in wonder