Monday, September 06, 2010

If there isn't a crisis, then give back the money

In a piece of classic Europeanism, a 115 million Euro underspend is not to be handed back to the nation states but to be re-allocated.

The decision by the Parliament's industry Committee to recycle funds unused by one project, the European Energy Recovery Programme so it can be used for another supporting renewables is wrong.

If the EU doesn't use funds then those funs should be sent back to the national Treasuries rather than funding makeweight schemes and political pork barrels.
The MEPs should remember it isn't their money, but taxpayers. For them to reassign priorities is not their role.

If they want to use funds for those priorities they should be agreed beforehand, rather than tacked on afterwards.

It is not like that delightful feeling of finding a tenner in a jacket pocket previously forgotten about. It isn't 'free money' it is taxpayers cash, and they should get it back.

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