Monday, September 06, 2010

Greens in call for an EU wages policy.

It is quite obvious that the Green party is oblivious to trhe seriousness of the economic situation. And you will not be surprised to discover they are also strangers to reality.

Tomorrow in the European Parliament Jean Lambert, known as the 'bag lady' in the carpetted corridors of the EP is hosting a conference on the knotty issue of an EU minimum wage.

Minimum income: Time for a Directive ?

It sets out to do exactly what it says om the tin. Now given that these people are utterly supportuive of countries such as Turkey joining the EU they want to set a minimum wage that would cover both high income countries such as Sweden with low income countries such as Turkey and Bulgaria.

The basic economic bonkersness of this notwithstanding it is also a troubling example of EU mission creep. The very though that an incomes policy should be set at the Brussels level rather than at a local level, if at all, shows the range of ambitions for a single polity.

I wonder if anybody will ask the sainted Caroline Lucas who in the past has traded on a slightly Eurosceptic position? Does she support this, Shouldn't we be told?

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