Monday, September 06, 2010

What rebate?

It looks to me that those nice chaps in the European Commission are doing what they can to help Mr Cameron. The reports this morning about the EU's wish to end the remains of Thatcher's famous budget rebate fall into this bracket.

"The British rebate has lost its original justification," Mr Lewandowski told the leading German daily Handelsblatt in an interview published on Monday (6 September). "The structure of the EU budget has changed substantially. Farm subsidies – the main reason for the rebate – have decreased, while the per-capita income of the UK has increased substantially since the 1980s."
Lewandowski seems to have become the Commission's floater of choice what with this and the comment a couple of weeks ago that he was interested in setting up a pan European tax. Of the EU dislikes what remains of the post Blair rebate, and it is amusing that he suggests that they want to spend the money on their 'global ambitions', but, but.

What I can see is happening here is that he is setting up a straw man threat to the UK's budget. The boy Dave and his accolyte Mr Osborne can then say that they are going to the wall to protect the budget.

Then when the Commission backs down on the subject the Government can parade themselves around claiming 'Game set and Match to Britain'.

The headlines will state what a doughty defender of British interests the Coalition Government is, whilst not noticing the continued leaching of power elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Cameron is a charlatan. He isn't even a proper conservative, but even if he was that would not be enough anymore as the status quo IS the EU.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a scam, a scam, a plant, a dirty trick to play on the people. This is how it goes. The 'nasty' Eu wants more money off us-knowing we are allegedly in a mess and having big cuts, many losing their jobs and homes for real.

However, don't worry Guys, David Cameron is going to ride out to Brussels on his shining white Charger, Nick Clegg will wind it up first of course, and our rebate will be saved, the catch is though, by letting the EU set the tolling charges for our Roads, Pay measily little compensation to make way for the High speed rail, and start building bricks for the EU's Motorway in the sea, which does go all the way to the Falkland Islands, and as you know, we will clear the way for the EU's Single European Sky. How’s that then? Didn’t Dear David do well?