Monday, November 28, 2011

Designing for bears

Really odd tweet from the European Commission this morning,

The video is here.

Weird for a number of reasons. It is insufferably twee. It is hardly what you should expect from the official twitter feed of the European Commission.

Look chaps, you are the twitter voice of a vast impersonal apparat. So keeping to bland fact based stuff is the right thing. This doesn't make you cute and human, it is inappropriate. Individual Commissioners and others within the system, yes go ahead, show your human side, but not this feed.

And then there is the content. The pay off line is this,
"Audience is feared and respected".
The problem is that we all know that you, the Commission neither fear nor respect your audience, the peoples of Europe. You hold them in disdain and contempt.


Anonymous said...

Did you cut and paste that Gawain?

'Cos the title is missing an "f", so apart from your reasons for hating this guff, its banal rubbish when they fail to communicate at the outset.

Gawain Towler said...

Yup, but it ill behoves me to complain about that

Anonymous said...

Ha ha…

BTW: I commented on it…

"You observe bears, you catch a friendly bear, you iterate until something works, and then you make the bears stand on hot coals until they dance to your tune….

Sounds about right."