Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh no we can't

I missed this last week, but this is how the European parliament advertised the big set piece debate on European Government.

And here is the text that accompanies the image
Herman Van Rompuy

"Deepening economic union by mutualising public debt"

In his view, there are three main courses of action on the road to economic governance in the EU: strengthening economic convergence, improving fiscal discipline and deepening economic union.

And some of the methods being envisaged to carry out these actions are hard-hitting: suspension of structural funds to enforce fiscal discipline or deepening economic union by mutualising public debt between Eurozone members.

“We need fiscal discipline and economic integration focused on growth,” Van Rompuy explained, “not just to punish the sinners but also to link our policies, to demonstrate that we share a common destiny.”

And what about the issue of sovereignty in all this?

The President of the European Council tackled that question head-on: “We need to acknowledge that this means a sharing of sovereignty for all members of the eurozone.”

Deepening Economic Union by ensuring that everybody is broke.


Richard said...

"... by ensuring that everybody is broke."

Is not that our common destiny?

Anonymous said...

Herman Van Rompuy
Says all competence is ours
One nation one rule

Apologies to the Nips, they are obviously better at it than me and our pal Van Rompuy.

Anonymous said...

BTW: That was an attempt at a haiku...

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