Monday, November 28, 2011

Eurotrail: Losing the plot

I have just received an invite to an event, normal stuff on the internal mail. Of course it includes the normal cocktails at 6.30.

The event is called
It self describes thusly,
The EuroTrail - Re-thinking Realities is an ongoing project of critical reflections and action-oriented proposals about Europe’s contemporary society and public culture, related to global transitions

So I went and had a look, and I am not much wiser.

So I probe a little deeper
During the EU-presidency trio in 2010-2011 of Spain, Belgium and Hungary, a common project has been developed to explore, in a multidisciplinary and open reflection, the emergence of Europe in a context of globalization, deterritorialization and complex cultural dynamics. Indeed, the reflection about contemporary Europe should rise above the level of issues such as identity, ethnic conflicts, the nation-state, religious tolerance and essentialist cultural values. The complexity of today’s society calls for a new input in academic, political and public thought, in order to deal with the countless less or more unpredictable events and interactions which take place in today's local and global social world. The current reality asks for a focus on interactions in multiple contexts and networks.
God it sounds like a psuedo Marxist seminar run by a student group.


Woodsy42 said...

A student group who accidently swallowed a dictionary?

BarryS said...

These people over-think everything because they believe they can plan for and manage everything that happens.
A little humility and less intervention would be welcome.

Anonymous said...

It sounds really "enticing"...

So are you going Gawain?