Monday, October 03, 2011

Government Guarantees that Olympic track to go after 2012

To be fair to them the headline is slightly different.


But as always the devil is in the details. If I were the IAAF who were given this guarantee I would be very very cautious of it,
The inspectors of London's bid for the 2017 world athletics
championships were today handed a "cast-iron guarantee" by the
Government that the running track will remain in place at London's
Olympic Stadium regardless of whether Tottenham win their court action.

A letter from the Treasury Solicitor making the guarantee was given to
the IAAF evaluation commission, which is headed by senior vice-president
Bob Hersh of the United States, on their three-day visit to London.
The Tory Government are handing out a 'cast-iron guarantee'.

Who will give me odds that the track will be ripped up, just like Dave's last Cast Iron promise?

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