Monday, October 03, 2011

So why did you leave?

David Campbell Bannerman is acting quite oddly. he has just launched a pamphlet that,
Another conference, another pamphlet on the future of the European Union and this one is calling very clearly for us to pull right out, right now.

David Campbell Bannerman, who left UKIP to join the Tories five months ago, is arguing that things could be better outside the EU.

"There's a lot of mythology about the EU," he says.

"This is the ultimate Plan B. It's a much bigger picture, that of our entire relationship with the EU."

It's a fascinating time for Eurosceptics, he told a fringe meeting at the Conservative Conference: "I would argue it is good for many countries to escape the prison of the EU."
David, your (new) party leader has made it quite clear that as long as he is around that he will not countenance any thought of an 'in-out' referendum.

Meanwhile you steal the phrases of your (old) party leader to demand it. So why on earth did you jump ship? Surely it couldn't be anything to do with a careerist reason could it?

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