Friday, September 30, 2011

We know what is good for you

I n the end everybody will vote for the Bailout. Even little Slovakia which has been holding out against it for quite a while.
Last year the PM even went as far as describing the whole bail out process as
participating in a "pyramid scheme."
So it is no surprise to have the European Commission lecturing them as they have today,
“The euro has been very, very beneficial for Slovakia,” Amadeu Altafaj, the European Commission's economic affairs spokesman, told a news briefing.

“It is in the self-interest of Slovakia's citizens and politicians to endorse these enhancements,” he said, noting that Bratislava, along with all other eurozone members, backed the EFSF overhaul at a crisis summit in July.

“So it should be ratified by the parliament, hopefully, soon,” he said, warning that there was no “Plan B” for the eurozone.
Plesae note that I would have thought it was the business of the Slovaks themselves to decide what is and isn't t in their own interests, not soime jumped up Eastern European Press Officer who co-incidentally had rather a hard time when faced with Mr Oborne earlier in the week. Yes it is he.

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