Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sharon Bowles: Confused Carbon Crusader

Meet Sharon Bowles, Lib Dem MEP for the South East and a woman really rather pleased with herself - Two of he last 9 press releases have been about how important she is (here and here). 

She tweeted tonight that she had been really quite busy,
Wonder who footed the bill?
Last 3 weeks have been Strasbourg, Poland, Manchester, Brussels, Washington, Strasbourg. Now nearly home at last!
Which is all very exciting for her, not sure whether we are supposed to sympathise or bow in awe. (Amused that she went to Manchester - with the the Tories next week, rather than to Birmingham where the Lib/Dems were last week.

But what I am really impressed with is the travel, she must have a carbon footprint the size of Hampshire (of course as a very important person she cannot do video conferencing or anything like that she has to travel in person. Here she is taking others to task.

She didn't go to Manchester after all
Yow, I am so tired I do not know where I have been, was Birmingham not Manchester!

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