Friday, August 26, 2011

Little bit of Politics

The Edinburgh Fringe is off and running. And in its normal way the wannabe comics. But something I noticed this morning in the reviews is that UKIP is becoming a traget.

Both Andrew Maxwell, an Irish comic and Juliet Meyers referenced the party in their acts, enough so that watchuing critics felt the need to mention it. OK, so you are not going to get anything positive about UKIP from a 'edgy' comic performance now are you. After all Maxwell shows his grasp of global politics in his comment about the London bombings,
"I was in South Africa when the London bombs happened, and it was Muslim this, Muslim that. It's nothing to do with Muslims, it's a psychopathic billionaire who's waging a despotic war against working-class people all over the world."
Anyhow here is Maxwell in the Guardian,
To a Ukip politician who approvingly cited Belfast as a precedent for turning the British army against British citizens, Maxwell tartly replies: "That's exactly what we need right now – a black IRA."
And here is Myers from the Scotsman review site.
she's much more likable than the portrait she paints of her UKIP-voting, Iraqi Jew father.
To my mind this is a departure and the point where by raising in the public view and by argueing a cogent point UKIP is becoming a target. Fine and bring it on. After all no comic, not even Ben Elton in his Red Wedge pomp ever converted a voter, but reflected the eddies and currents of society. Our day is coming.


Curmudgeon said...

Didn't Gandhi say "first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win"?


There are few "comedians"in the world today,the most amusing ones are employed in parliament,to spend money that otherwise would be unspent.