Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cold, Colder, Coldest

Dang that weather (not Climate of course just weather).
This summer has been the UK's coolest since 1993, provisional Met Office figures indicate.

The figures cover 1 June to 29 August. But while this summer has been wetter than 2010, it has not been as wet as 2007, 2008 or 2009.
And after that winter,
In the UK it was the coldest December ever, since Met Office records began in 1910, with a mean temperature of -1°C. It broke the previous record of 0.1°C in December 1981.

December 2010 has the lowest CET, -0.7 °C, since a CET of -1.1 °C was recorded for February 1986. December 2010 can also be confirmed to be the coldest December for 120 years, since a monthly CET of -0.8 °C was recorded for December 1890 and the second coldest December since records began in 1659. Probably the most notable record of the winter so far is the new all time record low for Northern Ireland, of -18.7 °C recorded on the 23rd of December at Castlederg, County Tyrone. In addition, all of these sites recorded their all time record lows since recording began, this winter:
It all just shows that weather has nothing to do with climate, nor the need for massive subsidies for wind farms and tax and price rioses for the foolish masses.


banned said...

Just for the record I grew up in London which has plenty of snow and cold.
Retiring here to the sunny south west imagine my surprise to see snow before Xmas and on Boxing Day it was -(minus) 14 degrees C, in town ( I don't want to even think about what that means in old money).

And another thing, all three of the palm trees (ferns actually but they look the part) in my suburban street have died this year, must be all that Global Warming. GRrrr.

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