Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Modern Church - Hate the sinner, hate the sin

There is this curate see, no doubt a thoroughly nice chap, but as a fisher of men rather occluded. You see he thinks that anybody who dares question the faith of the Climate Change Lobby is beyond the pale. And in a country which voted rather significantly against the left he has no interest in millions of souls, or at best contempt for them. It is also apparent that according to him one has to hate the sin and the sinner. I would guess that this is a novel doctrine, but there you have it.

The reason why I am aware of this curate is that he tweeted this,
Blog: Paranoid and moronic email from @Nigel_Farage. /cc @christian_aid #ukip #climate
and being the sort of anal chap I am I had had a look for recent #UKIP tweets. Thus I bothered to read his post. Delightful it was
Now, the evidence for climate change is – as anyone who’s not a lunatic right-winger knows – overwhelming. Sadly, Mr Farage falls into the exception category. (No surprise given that UKIP is the blurry area that merges the Tories and the BNP on the right of British politics).

Below is a copy of the paranoid and moronic response I received from Mr Farage so all the world can see the lunacy that UKIP espouse.
You can go and read the response if you want on the above link. Not the words I would have used but there you have it.

I replied to his tweet,
riggwelter good to see your form of faith allows you to dismiss as lunatics those who disagree with you. Nice tolerant sort I see
 and must have struck some sort of a nerve as he responded rather excitedly. In moments he had replied. Not  once,
GawainTowler The veracity of  science is hardly a matter of faith but of cold hard facts sir +++
Not twice,
GawainTowler +++ and I said that Mr Farage's email was moronic and paranoid, I specifically did not call him names. Unlike you.
GawainTowler If you parse the post correctly, you'll note that UKIP-style right-wing politics are described as lunatic, not any person.
@GawainTowler It's also clear that UKIP don't like light being shined on their true nature else attack dogs aren't unleashed on constituents
Seems #UKIP dislike light being shined on their true nature so much, they've unleashed the attack dogs on lil ol' me.
Yup five times. I particularly delight in that trite, "lil ol' me" and the sanctimonious use of the cross. But of course that is balderdash. Oh yes and the absolute certainty without the space for doubt about science and its veracity. Again interesting for a man of faith.

Of course, it was Friday night and I was moved to respond to this near confessional,
@riggwelter wow, seem to have touched a nerve. Never saw myself as an attack dog, more a spaniel, Clumber by choice
When called on his rather unchristian attitude his defence was as far as I can see denial. Denial that he had called the boss lunatic, or that his actions were paranoid or moronic. Dunno what you think but he thought this,
GawainTowler Just strikes me that personal attacks and insults on constituents are an interesting way to do politics is all.
Not sure I had launched a personal attack, or an insult, merely suggested that his tone was somewhat intolerant.
riggwelter just strikes me that adjectives such as paranoid, lunatic and moronic are fairly ripe for a man of the cloth
Not sure why I bothered with this post, but I felt that the way in which this man was so certain of his own truths that he was willing to degrade and insult those who do not share his views was symptomatic of a malaise that faces both the country at large and the Church in particular. His transparent contempt for a majority of the country rather sits ill with his vocation. Or so it seems to me, but I am only a layman.

He tells us that he is interested in,
 in using both inherited and new forms of church creatively to help the church to live as missional communities and is passionate about helping release people into ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Lord alone knows what that means by this, but I think it is meant to suggests that he respects those of different traditions. But actions speak stronger don't you think?


Edward Spalton said...

Large parts of the Church of England have taken up global warmism as a major (if not THE major) article of faith. Some of its bishops will denounce unbelievers vigorously in a way they would never do if someone (say) denied the Resurrection.

There is even a C of E Campaign for "Climate Justice"! They ought to know that the Almighty sends his rain upon the just and the unjust person and the wind bloweth where it listeth.

Charities like Christian Aid, Oxfam, Friends of the Earth etc, all proponents of the One Warmist Faith, receive massive EU subsidy. From looking at the facts externally, the deal appears to be "You tell the public what we want them to hear and we will give you pots of other people's money".

I haven't had a chance to look but it would be worthwhile finding out what "Soul for Europe" is up to in this field - something an MEP could do in a spare moment.

Anonymous said...

Just thinking about the previous comment. Isn't one of the covenants found in the Bible, God's Covenant that he will never again send a Great Flood?

James said...

I think Farage was wasting his time there, trying to spell out the contrary view. The best line with these people is probably Socratic questioning.
"Gosh, how do you know all this! Do tell me where you found the evidence for AGW, I've never seen any to convince me" etc. etc. Lead them on to show how it's all argument from authority, then say "How do you choose your authority?"
You might go on to ask "Which is the true word of God, the Koran or the Bible?" But no, teasing soppy Anglicans is a cruel sport.

Anonymous said...

There are two institutions in Europe totally beyond parody: the government of Italy and the Church of England.

Barking Spider said...

He's also made the basic mistake of believing the Left-wing liars who continually spout that the BNP are far Right when they are actually hard Left

Pablo the Scot said...

He strikes me as being astonishly badly educated for a member of the clergy. A spate of poor grammar and bad spelling, quite made my day to think that my children have a better command of the language than the clergy.
I set this story alongside the story earlier this week that the Church of England is in decline. With the clergy treating the people as idiots is it any wonder that people go elsewhere? The talk of reinstigating a tithe for teh church is a joke.
I am of the view that manmade global warming is a hoax. Why? Because as an Engineer I require proof of a theorm rather than smoke and mirrors. Since the evidence is slim at best I exercise my right to decline to believe!

Edward Spalton said...

I recently tidied up the effects of a deceased clergyman..

Amongst his books was one printed in 1949 on the subject of the Book of Common Prayer (1662). Even then, "progressives" were saying it was "too hard" for people to understand. The reverend authors concluded by saying "As a result of seventy years of state-controlled education, the men of today are not as intelligent as their grandfathers were. That is either their fault or their misfortune."

With honourable exceptions, the same goes for today's clergy and teachers, I think.