Friday, July 01, 2011

The Green Inquistion

The sight of Januz Lewandowski crumbling in the face of Green pressure is sad. Bruno picks up the tale,
In an interview with the Novy Przemysl magazine, Mr Lewandowski argued the EU's policy of increasing greenhouse gas reduction targets would be a "disaster" for Poland, which is still rebuilding its economy from the backwardness of the Soviet era.

"There is a view breaking through that the theory of coal-generated power as the main culprit of global warming is seriously in doubt," he said.
Brave man in the current climate, too brave it turned out,
Green campaign groups and an alliance of MEPs described the commissioner's comments as "terrifying" because, it was claimed he was seeking to "deny the overwhelming evidence of climate change".

"The commissioner should fully explain himself," Joris den Blanken a Greenpeace spokesman told the EurActiv website. "If not, the consequences for his role in the European Commission should be considered."

Following a week of increasingly shrill calls from the European Parliament and NGOs for him to recant his views or face disciplinary sanctions, Mr Lewandowski made a humiliating climb down.

"In order to clarify misunderstandings," he said in a statement. "I acknowledge the fact that the overwhelming majority of scientific studies confirm the phenomenon of global warming."
UKIP's very own Godfrey Bloom has piled into the fray,
The sight of Commissioner Lewandowski being forced to recant in the face of the strident Greens looks like nothing other than the Inquisition. With the High priests of Greenery acting as so many Torquemada's.
It is not that I often that I agree with the Commissioner, but he absolutely right, and right to speak out. To see him crawling in apology to these people is a sad day for the freedom of speech. For these people to link him to the holocaust and him a Pole is outrageous.

In 1616 a committee of advisors to the Holy Inquisition attacked Galileo and declared that holding the view that the Sun is the centre of the universe or the earth moves is absurd and formally heretical. Today holding that Anthropomorphic Climate Change is anything more that a desire on the part of heavily subsidised pressure groups and government to tax and control our lives is the same.

In 1992 the Catholic Church finally admitted that Galileo was right.

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paulsc said...

Does that mean it is going to take 376 years before the EU recognises that AGW is wrong?
I was rather hoping that the overwhelming majority of the UK population would come to the realisation that the EU is wrong well before then. Within my life time would be nice.