Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Barroso thinks the taxpayers are thick

Well it is the only thing I can work out from this statement made in the European Parliament today,
"Money spent by Europe allows governments to reduce spending at home"
Lokk Manuel, it doesn't matter who spends it. It is our money you are spending. Either my Government taxes me, or your government taxes me. Whichever it is I am out of pocket and a collection of people who think they know better than me spend my money.

Now I prefer, if this has to happen at all for the money to be collected by a bunch of people that I, and those I consent to be governed with have the opportunity of getting rid of through that bizzare innovation, an election.

You, and your dread grey cohorts are immutable, immovable and impervious to the wishes of the people. So you and you wizard wheezes can go hang.

Get this into your thick Iberian head.






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