Friday, June 24, 2011

Richard Howitt: Is this a misuse of public funds?

I only ask because of this tweet

It seems that Howitt, the oleaginous Labour MEP for the Eastern Counties has overstepped himself. Either he is overstating his role:

It is possible that he was invited by the Club Kingswood in Basildon to be there when they recived cash from the EU (no doubt to plant a windmill on their roof or something like that) . So he did not give them the money, he just happened to be there when it was recieved.

Or he did hand over the cheque in which case it is an outrageous misuse of taxpayer's money? For the EU to entrust the handing over of their largesse at our expense to a partisan pro-European politician cannot be right in any way.

Howitt should explain either his delusions of granduer and step down from his grand claim, or justify the way that teh EU has allowed him to propagandise with public money.

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So we can add this to the 20 million spent in america on eussr propaganda.