Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Of course the answer is more Europe

Joseph Daul the Frenchman who heads up the EPP group in the European Parliament has spoken. And his words just reinforce the bubble in which the Euro Elite live,
"markets penalising the lack of Europe".
He seems to be atalking about a third bailout,
"It is only in these conditions that funds can be released. If these funds are used wisely, more funds could follow, if necessary."
But all in all his speech is virtually meaning free and incomprehensible. Go and read.

Meanwhile Guy Verhofstadt was on fine bullish form. He spoke very well, which may have distracted from the stark staring lunacy of what he had to say. He demanded that al power over teh econnomy be stripped from the nation states and be handed to the ECB and the European Commission. His reason being that you cannot trust the Nations to discipline themselves. His answer is not that the markets are free to apply corrections in a real world sense, but that their democracies be overthrown and power handed to the unelected Commisars of of Brussels.

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