Thursday, June 23, 2011

The public are a touch confused

We have just been sent the rewsults of a new Eurobarometer Survey

European Parliament Eurobarometer (EB Parlemeter 75.2)
into the creation of a Financial Transaction Tax. The preffered method by which the EU dips into  your pockets without having any democratic oversight.

Predictably the people think that the idea is wonderful. But they seem to be a little confused as to the way forward for Governments in the crisis,

In the debate on whether to boost the economy or reduce public spending, the results at European level are stable: 40% (+2) of respondents are in favour of boosting the economy, 34% (-1) would like to reduce public spending and 22% (+4) would like both equally at the same time.
The most telling of all though is on Page 17 of the report,

Here we see that across Europe only 34% of people think that the Euro is helping, and a massive 57% now think that it is causing harm. OK so the question has been counched in as pro Euro way as possible but the message is loud and clear.

The people of Europe were never asked if they wanted a sinmg le cutrrency, and now they see that it is doing them real harm.

At some point the elite might wake up.

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Sean O'Hare said...

"sinmg le cutrrency"

Iz dat franglias or what?