Friday, February 25, 2011

Bulgaria to enshrine satrapy

Euractive are flagging up (thanks vihargg) a turning point for Bulgaria as a nation.
EU newcomer Bulgaria became the first country to try to adopt internally a series of measures emulating the EU 'Competitiveness Pact' proposed by France and Germany, including adding to the country's constitution a 'debt alert mechanism'.
Essentialy what they are planning to do is to accept that they are no longer a self determioned nation, but a province of Europe.

What would Hristo Botev have to say?
A patriot be - for knowledge, freedom,
The soul's too small a price to pay!
Mind you, not his soul, my brothers,
The nation's soul he'll give away!
And he's kind to everybody,
But you see - for any pelf,
It's only human, he can't help it,
He will sell his soul and self.

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