Monday, December 06, 2010

We don't want it. We don't like it and we want out

This is the pretty clear message from today's poll on the EU by Angus Reid,

Asked what they thought of the idea of joining the Euro the figures were.
No - 80%
Yes - 8%
Not sure- 10%
Not vote -3%
Asked whether they thought that the EU had been good or bad for Britain the votes were
Bad - 59%
Good - 29%
Not sure - 12%
Asked how they would vote in an in out referendum
Out - 48%
In - 27%
Not sure 21%
Not vote 4%
That is 64% of those who currently have a view would vote to leave the EU.

So do tell me political elite, why is it that you will not give the people a say in their own governance?


Anonymous said...

It suits their career prospects.
Nobody elses though.
Unless you work for them.
In which case you'll be out anyhow when it all collapses soon.

Gawain Towler said...

But I do work for them....