Thursday, November 18, 2010

Olof Skoog... Who he?

Cathy Ashston has appointed the rather marvellously named Olof Skoog to head up the little known but hugely important Political and Security Committee which is a creature of the Europen Council. Skoog is a career diplomat who has ticked all sorts pof the right boxes in his career.

The resaon that this is news however is that Mr Skoog is today a beast of the EU, whilst the PSC which under its own rules defines the political/military strategy for the nascent EU military forces,
The PSC takes responsibility, under the authority of the Council, for the political direction of the development of military capabilities.
Why this is newsworthy is that this is the first time that the chairmanship of such an important strategic committee has been an employee of Brussels, previously the role was taken by an official from the country which held the rotating Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Mr Skoog is a permanent fixture, which will further concentrate power in the hands of the European Institutions, and out of the hands of the National Governments.

Is this constitutionally important enough to set off the referendum loc? Of course not, but this plus the next one? And the one aftr that?

Slowly, slowy nothing big enough to scare the horses, but an inexorable, ongoing leaching away of the soverignty of our nation.

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