Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh this is priceless

A panic email has just been circulated through the European Parliament. It is in referenvce to the ongoing elections to the Parliament's work council or Staff Committee as it is called. It appears that the whole palaver is going wrong. Voting closes today, but they haven't enough votes to get a quorum. So this mail has gone out under the nabner of all the internal Trade Unions (who have been slagging each other off for what feels like months on the internal mail),

Dear colleagues,
We need you to vote for at least two reasons:
There is a real and imminent danger of the entitlements guaranteed by the Staff Regulations being called into question,

We need to safeguard the working lives of everybody, officials and other agents, which get more difficult and complicated every day, as we can all see.
Together, we need a Staff Committee legitimized by the support of 2/3 of the electorate.
Please do make an effort to vote. Better to vote today than to regret not voting tomorrow.
So who is afraid of reaching a quorum?
In our view, there is a simple answer: the enemies of the current form of the civil service of the European Union.
In addition, we believe that the fear of not reaching the exclusion threshold of 5% is playing an important role.
We want a quorum!

Oh deary me. Quel horreur!!
It appears that even the Eurocrats (and yes I am one) themselves recognise that they have a comfotable berth, and are thus not agitated enough to vote for one of the five, yes five seperate internal Parliamentary trade unions.

They got their quorum with about an hour to spare

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Anonymous said...

the enemies of the current form of the civil service of the European Union.

Now you have 20,000,000 enemies ,soon you will have 501,260,000 ask Michael Gorbachev what it feels like, he'll tell you all about it.