Tuesday, November 23, 2010

EU Masterchef: Cooking the books?

I stop, I turn, I look again and I still cannot really believe it. Now we have a bunch of European Commissions spending 3 days playing at Masterchef!
For three days four EU commissioners cooked to their heart's delight under the approving  eye of renowned chefs...

Janez Potocnik (Slovenia, Commissioner for the Environment) and Chef Frank Fol, aided by a group of enthusiastic third-grade students, prepared an organic meal with seasonal produce.

Antonio Tajani (Italy, vice-president and Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship), opted for la cucina italiana. He was assisted by two members of his cabinet and two Italian chefs.

Karel De Gucht (Belgium, Commissioner for Trade) and Neelie Kroes (the Netherlands, Vice-President and Commissioner for Digital Agenda) entered into a culinary alliance and prepared a Flemish-Dutch dish with the help of Michelin star chef Roger Van Damme.
Politics doesn't get more idiotic than this.

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Anonymous said...

I once heard that The EU will take the best each member has to offer. So, we would have British Diplomacy, French Cuisine, German Organisation, Italian "Amore", and so on. However what we get is more like Italian Organisation, British Cuisine, French Diplomacy and German "Amore" (ein zwei ein zwei ein zwei - - -ng ng ng, Veilen Danke Faulein).