Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OMG: European Representation in Dublin asks for serious trouble

This is just beyond belief

The European Union Representation in Ireland has just asked for it. 3 barrels in 140 characters.

Is this the most inappropriate idea from an EU funded organisation so far. It is up there with Olli Rehn's,

"You can have democracy, after you have done what you are told",  from this afternoon.

I have been hauled up in the comments by the European Movement in Ireland. They point out that it was not they who came up with this daft idea.

True it wasn't though I came across it through their twitter feed which promoted the EU Rep's idea, then through that to the EM Ireland's facebook page.

The thing is, in some ways it would be better if it were the EM Ireland's idea, at least the EU itself could pretend it was others being too enthusiastic, like Henry's knights.

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EM Ireland said...

emireland @GawainTowler Thanks for that.

GawainTowler @emireland yes, of course as soon as i am in front of a machine. Feel free to comment on blog

emireland @GawainTowler But you've said on your blog that we're responsible here. Can you change this please? Cheers.

GawainTowler @emireland true, which makes it worse

emireland @GawainTowler @Leigh_Philips Not us running that ECB competition, but @talktoeu...

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