Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Because I am worth it

I see that the ECJ has just given me a pay rise. It amounts to 3.7% and I understand that the reasoning is that the Council cannot cut my rises. It is in the treaty after all.

The thing is, this pay rise for me and thousands of Eurocrats (including of course the Judges who made the decisison) blows a gaping hole in the famous EU budget decision.

You see this pay rise is not included in the 2.9% so painstakingly agreed by the Council. Mr Cameron's rather battered piece of paper has just been torn to shreds.

It is now EU law thanks to the costumed chaps in Luxembourg that I get my pay rise.

Better still, the internal trade unions are getting very excited about how they are abatting les EU proles, they are now demanding that it is back dated.... and that I get the interest on the money,
Le SFIE maintient ce recours en rappelant qu'il a, en outre, demandé l'application complète de l'adaptation des salaires (3,7 %) ainsi que les intérêts de retard.

As the Eye might say... Trebles all round.


Eurogoblin said...

I assume you'll be giving it all away to a worthy cause? Mmm? (Will e-mail you my account details).

Seriously, though - the pay rise isn't going through just like that. Eurocrat pay scales are tied to national civil servant salaries, and are supposed to rise together. However, there IS a mechanism to reduce EU salaries in times of economic hardship - all the ECJ did was rule that the Council didn't properly make use of it. So, no, you won't be getting that pay raise, unfortunately. The ball is back in the Council's court, and they'll suggest a more modest amount through the proper mechanism.

As for Cameron's vaunted 2.9% budget increase... you might have noticed that he's pulled something of a coup because the EP has overreached. It's a 0% budget increase at the moment.

Gawain Towler said...

You are right for now on the budget (general) it is being doled out in 1/12 chunks until they all learn to behhave. Not sure whjat happens to the increase in the EEAS budget.

As for my pay rise, well there are many good causes. Small private businesses are my favourite, like the licensee of the White Bear in Kennington.

The whole pay rise malarky is a mess. Everybodies salaries are tied to each others, except the private sector. There again with retrenchment happening across the EU, with civil service wages being cut in Greece and elsewhere, will this be reflected in the Eurocrat slary decisions. Pigs might fly, and yes I am thinking ofthose PIGS not those pigs.