Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Iceland cools on EU membership

Mr Barroso today cited his belief that Iceland wants to join the EU as a reason to ignore Farage's criticism

However it seems, that the Icelandics are not playing Barosso's game,
Euro zone membership is not a "fail-proof" formula for economic success and the benefits for Iceland look less clear in the wake of the current debt crisis, Iceland's president told Reuters on Wednesday.

"The debate more than a year ago to apply for membership was that the global financial markets have developed in such a way that it was difficult to maintain a separate currency for a small nation," President Olafur Grimsson said in an interview with Reuters.
"But since then we have seen one euro country after another in serious difficulty. Most recently, what's happening in Ireland. So the advantages of having a different currency look less clear now," he said.
Given that opinion polls in Iceland are firming strongly against EU membership, I don't think he needs to worry too much.



This is what a politician should be,three cheers for mr Farage.

Mike said...

Yes, well said Mr Farage. Its a shame a lot more of our craven, self serving politicianns don't voice the same arguements for getting out.
Instead they are more than happy to take the EU'S thirty pieces of silver
and sell the UK down the river.