Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spinelli Group: As daft as I thought

I was chortling a bit about the launch of the Spinelli Group a couple of days ago, and now they have formally launched with website and all the rest of that sort of stuff.
They have a manifesto which reeks of yesterdays solutions and oh, just go for a wander, look at the list of supporters and realise that if this the best the federasts can do they will be doing it in a vacuum for a long time yet.

This is how they are going to achieve all those ambitions of peace love, euro solutions, cheese and whatsoever.
The Spinelli Group will come forward with suggestions it considers as necessary Big Steps Forward. There are a lot of themes and subjects on which the European Union should move forward but someone must put them on the agenda. Federal and post-national steps forward will be proposed about for example European defence, culture and education, European citizenship or energy.

One tool the MEP Spinelli Group will use is the Written Declaration in the European Parliament. The goal is to find a federal majority on important subjects. The Written Declaration will also be used to make clear what our red lines are on important negotiations. An obvious example in the near future is going to be the negotiations on the Budget 2011, the revision of the current financial perspectives 2007-2013 and the next multi annual financial framework 2013-2020, where the Spinelli Group is not going to accept a shrinking budget.

Once or twice a year all the members of the Spinelli Network Group will be invited to a Spinelli Meeting.

The Spinelli Group will also organise The Shadow Council. Today the European Council is opting for the intergovernmental method. This is of course a consequence of the situation that every Head of State or Prime Minister is defending their own national interest. The Shadow Council will do the opposite and look for solutions based on the interest of the entire European Union and its citizens. It will be a federalist and post-national Council working on European answers to European problems.
That's the answer, lots of fora


Chuckles said...

Reading that is like eating pea soup with a fork. My brain, slowly losing the will to live....

Paul Delaruelle said...

Just the critisism you would expect from the English, living in the past, thinking about the Commonwealth and cherrishing the Queen on their pound notes. All perfectly embodied by the banner on top of the site. I always wondered why the UK got in to the EU in the first place. Ever since you've been on that train, all you did was pull the breaks...

Gawain Towler said...

You comment that I live in the past, and yet this precious band of the elite seem to think that the Written Declaration is a thing of the future.
Whilst the popularity of the European Project slumps across the continent, as evinced by the EU's own Eurobarometre polling, whilst the shambles of its supposed diplomatic corps allows countries like Vanuatu and a whole bunch of those Commonwealth countries you denigrate to kybosh its ill thought through UN plans.
The future will be made of people who act in their own interests and by so doing the interests of all European citizens. Not by a bunch of superannuated Eurocrats returning to the tawdry scenes of ther own top down, anti-democratic failures.

Hoover said...

Who is paying for this little enterprise?

Don't tell me they're funding it out of their own pockets...