Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is that an MEP in your bathroom?

In a list of pointless things that politicians bang on about I have come up with the day's winner. tells us the amazing news that some MEPs think we should floss more. No really.

Dr Thomas Ulmer MEP and Dr Cristian Silviu Busoi MEP marked the 3rd annual World Oral Health Day by issuing a call to action for better oral health in Europe to John Dalli, European commissioner for health and consumer policy.

Being the makeweight that I am I had missed the factthat it wa the third annual world oral health day, but I will forgive myself. However watch out kiddies, there may be eurocrats in your toothmug,

Today's Call to Action is intended to spur Commissioner Dalli and other EU leaders to support member states in making best use of the various routine, achievable oral health solutions that are already in existence.

'These solutions include using fluoride-containing toothpaste, flossing, chewing sugarfree gum and having regular dental check-ups.'
The statistics are scary,
'Every year, Europeans spend more than 54 billion euros on oral healthcare, yet, still, only 41% of European adults currently have all their natural teeth. This imbalance needs to be addressed.'

Oh for goodness sake, have you nothing better to do with our money than to pontificate about flossing and sugar free gum. And anyway aren't we supposed to be against gum because oft he mess it makes on the roads and pavements?

Go away you daft, sanctimonious numpties.

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