Monday, September 13, 2010

Yahay, more things to laugh at

This time the creation of the Spinelli Group. This intrepid band of brothers (and sister, don't forget the sister) has been set up in the European Parliament to camapign against the perils of 'INTERGOVERNMENTALISM'......

Aaargh no, we cannot have that,
The remit of the group remains vague, but a 500-word memo explaining the reasoning behind it laments the growth of intergovernmentalism - - the supremacy of EU member states in decision-making at the expense of more 'European' pan-community decision-making via the European Commission and parliament - and says there should be European responses to crises.

"The details are still hazy but there is a sense that they want to fight this rising intergovernmentalism," said a parliament source.

God damn it, we cannot allow the growth of democracy. The growth of nations speaking peace unto nation - without the EU controlling the conversation. We cannot have governments acting in the interests of the people who elected them. Stop it, go away aaaaaargh.

That would after all be so anti-communitaire

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