Monday, September 13, 2010

But they will whiff of Garlic!!

Following fast on the heels of the partal climbdown on the sharing of Aircraft carriers, we have another suggestion being punted about joint operations with la Belle Ennemi.

Now they want to bunk down on submarines.

Look, it is a bad idea, really it is. Getting Tars from two ships talking in a pub is hard enough without a fracas. Getting two serices together civilly is almost impossible.

Putting both French and Brits on the same submarine on a 6 month trip. Bonkers.

Ok, so the suggestion isn't that they should share craft I know, but that they should talk to each other a little. Which isn't so bad. But this rather makes we wonder why he bothered to talk at all.
Mr Teissier suggested that his plan would help the submarines to keep track of each other during peacetime, while going their separate ways in time of war.
He said cooperation ‘could only happen in a period of relative peace, like today’ because ‘in a crisis each should take care of its own deterrent because nuclear fire cannot be shared.’

Reading between the lines one could almost get the idea that he is allowing for the possibility that we might be on opposite sides.

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