Monday, September 13, 2010

Latest polling shows even more want out

Yougov have just released figures from their latest poll, this time the question was,

If there was a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union, how would you vote?
The answer is pretty conclusive,

I would vote for Britain to remain a member of the European Union 33%
I would vote for Britain to leave the European Union 47%
With 5% would not vote and 14% don't know these are pretty conclusive figures.

So, can we have that referendum we were promised yet?

No? And why not. Because you are offering a referendum on something that won't happen.

A promise to offer a referendum on any future Treaty, you say. But not treaties that involve enlargement.

The thing is that only Treaties to come are the ones involving the enlargement. The UK government formally supports the entry of Croatia and Turkey (the only two on the horizon) also Liddington is specifically excluding enlargement Treaties from the scope of his act.

He is also relying on UKREP for advice about what constitutes a transfer of powers outwith Treaty changes...

UKREP are for obvious reasons a nest of federastic vipers who would sell both their own and your granny for a little elbow room at the Council of Ministers.

The part of the Lisbon Treaty that you are looking for is Article 48 of the TEU (Lisbon Treaty). Exactly you are after Article 48.7 - Known as the 'Passerelle' or the 'Simplified Revision Procedure'

Not good enough Mr Cameron. In the end you will have to give us our say.


Anonymous said...

If we voted "yes" in a referendum to leave the EU, our elite would make us vote again until they got the other result. Sound ridiculous? Well, we are up against a bunch of criminals who would do anything to keep themselves out of jail, and their Euro-enabled entitlements (riches without the responsibility of governing).

Mark Wadsworth said...

If Yugoslavia still existed and it had a polling company, would it be called YouGovSlavia?