Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tweet Harper

Udo Bullmann is a blithering idiot. No really he is. The former Monnet Professor of European Integration and socialist MEP is calling for a twitterlaunch to fall upon the head of candian PM Stephen Harper.
"Greedy speculators are responsible for the collapse of the financial markets. In response to the crises, governments around the world have stabilized their economies with taxpayers' money. Now the speculators should pick up the bill," he said.
The message to Harper, he said, should be: "pmharper: we want a Global Financial Transaction Tax NOW!"
In response to this idiocy Godfrey Bloom has riposted,
"I am sure Mr Harper will ignore the economically illiterate but in the spirit of free speech I am calling on people to tweet, "@pmharper: Don't listen to fools, Protect growth, Cut financial taxes at the G20"
Go go on then tweet it.

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