Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If this isn't an EU Propaganda unit in the making please tell what it is

Tomorrow the European Parliament's Culture committee will be voting on a report by a certain Morten Løkkegaard, a new Danish MEP and former journalist with a string of questionable activities to his name, including 9/11 conspiracy stuff.

He was elected last year with the express purpose of convincing voters that "the EU is exciting and delicious" and that the EU must "be something hyped - to something more fat." He was he says, looking for a way to ensure that the EU was better promoted,
"It has surprised me hurt that the EU project, which I think is brilliant, have been sold so poorly. We must have done something about," .
He also said that he "had not yet found columbus egg to have made the EU popular." (Got to love machine translation).

Well it seems that he has found his columbus egg after all, and here it is,

It is his draft report
"on journalism and new media – creating a public sphere in Europe"
Amongst the other ways of bigging up the EU comes this corker,

Invites the Member States to consider including the EU as a subject in all secondary education curricula and encourages them to exchange best practice in this area at EU level;
Which just has to be fraught with difficulties. This one which could have hilarious results,

Asks the Commission to introduce annual scoreboards that list and compare EU
news broadcasting by public service networks in the Member States;
And this one which is frankly scary,

Suggests setting up a taskforce of independent journalists who are free of editorial control, hired from outside the EU institutions and based in Brussels, with the task of producing daily EU news coverage to be published on different platforms and channels in accordance with journalistic news criteria; suggests appointing an independent chief editor for this taskforce;
Yeah, of course, right, this would be entirely independent. He is proposing, and the Committee will no doubt support the creation of a EU news agency - over and above its massive current media spend to fill the airwaves with EU propaganda. And don't pretend that it would be independent.

Does anybody truly believe that if the EU was paying the wages that a journalist would be able to do an investigation into EU corruption, expenses scandals and so on?

Of course not.

Now I know that this is an own initiative report, and therefore has no legislative power, but it was from things like this that idiotic ideas (and expensive ideas) such as Europarl TV and the infamous failed MEP Facebook MyParl.eu were created.

The Committee must vote this down.

New Europe picks up my post (pg 22 of the Pdf)


... said...

"....to something more fat" is not the true translation.

"...to something more cool" would be more precise.

Gawain Towler said...

I sort of guessed thatm, but I preffered the machine translation,

Thanks for the corection though