Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Joanna (make more ) Cash

Joanna Cash, the cheerleade of the Cameroons isn't just rich in name, but rich in reality. No bad thing at all I would say. Why not work hard and earn good money?

And if you can make an advantageous marriage all the better. And nobody could doubt that her marriage to Octavius Black has been anything other than advantageous. Old Etonian chum of Dave, Mr Black has a number of businessness under his belt most particularly the rather odd and new age-y Mind Gym.

It sells such stuff as "Change Jujitsu"

Interesting that in her latest local Conservative newspaper she says,
"Recently, The Mind Gym, as part of its own community worlk developed an amazing parenting skills programme - a supernanny for everyone - and they agreed
to run one of three state school pilots right here in Westminster North. lt has had amazing results so far. I am very proud of everyone involved with the project."

I always support endeavour, and good to see that Mr Black has the support of his wife.

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