Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Good Day to Bury Bad News?

In the autumn, Britain will have to re-ratify the Lisbon Treaty. Over in Brussels things are afoot and the first major Foriegn Policy act of a new PM will be to go to Brussels to rubber stamp a treaty amendment.

On Election Day the European Parliament will vote to confirm an IGC (Intergovernmental Conference) which will take place on June the 17th and 18th in Brussels.
18 extra MEPs. Parliament will decide whether to allow treaty changes increasing the size of the European Parliament to take place without a full Convention (debate Wednesday, vote Thursday).
In this they are supported by the European Commission,

the Commission recommends opening an Intergovernmental Conference as soon as
possible, remaining strictly limited to discussion of the Spanish proposal for a protocol amending Protocol No 36 on Transitional Provisions
That IGC will amend the Lisbon Treaty (Protocol 36). This will require that the Lisbon Treaty be re-ratified by all 27 nations of the European Union.

Once the IGC is over, the new version of the protocol as adopted will have to be ratified by the 27 national parliaments.
That means that a new Prime Minister will have to ram a new Lisbon Treaty through both Houses of Parliament.

Seeing as no national newspaper or media outlet seems prepared to ask the question, we must. Will any of the pretenders to Number 10 answer?

Will they take this opportunity to give us the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty that they promised?

If not, why not?

Bruno Waterfield goes into somewhat more depth


13th Spitfire said...

Does this not precisely fall within the tory premise of 'no more powers to Brussels without a referendum'?

Even if they do win on Friday the LibDems have said much the same. Labour are fucked either way.

In other words, how can this not lead toa referendum?

paulsc said...

I looked at this subject on my blog a short while ago, see here. My conclusion was:
The Conservative's have committed to a referendum whenever a Treaty hands over areas of power from Britain to the EU. Since we are one of the countries that will see an increase in the number of its MEPs, we are to have one more, I hardly think that this comes under the heading of handing over power from Britain to the EU. I suspect that, delightful as the prospect might be, we will not be granted a referendum on this particular matter.

Gawain Towler said...

It does indeed. A referendum on any Treaty Chnage that kllaeds to more power to Brussels, but this of coutrse doesn't so he has wriggle room onthis. However the political and moral imperative to give the people of our country a choice (and yes a retrospective choice - just like the referendum in 75) is there.
Will honest Tories be cheering as their Peers are dragooned in a three line whip to opopose a referendum amendment in the Lords?(given that nobody will have the balls to present such an amendment in the Commons)

IanPJ said...

Then I would ask that for goodness sake, lets get as many candidates signed up to the Albion Alliance pledge as soon as possible, so they cannot wriggle out of it.


Richard said...

Nothing will change. there's no handover of power. cameron the coward will use it as an excuse. His hands will be tied, or some such sh1t. If he wants to be seen as a great leader and a great tory leader, well he knows what he needs to do. But he won't, he's a coward.

James Higham said...

As 13th Spitfire says, it commits Cameron, if he's PM.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Well, Brown would ignore it entirely natch, but if Cameron has formed a government there should be a hell of a lot of noise made about this. If he ignores that, bitter division in the Tory party will ensue IMO.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to Cam's wrigglings. How can he get out of this one?

UKIP-BW said...

Vote now!


pop said...

Don't listen to this story - it is a late attempt for the conservatives to draw support away from UKIP.

There will be no referendum on this, but the suggestion that their could be will be used by the Conservatives to pacify EU-Sceptics - once the election is over, it would just be another term of further integration

ukipwebmaster said...

This just in.

Protocol 36 - The Lisbon treaty: