Friday, April 02, 2010

Vote Match

I note that a number of blogs have been linking to the excellent VoteMatch website. It is apparent that many people feel that withthe establishment politoical parties being such dull dross that they feel effectively disenfranchised. Damian Thompson in the Telegraph reports
“I didn’t know I was Ukip!” shrieks a Labour stalwart – who then confesses that, actually, now she thinks about it, she probably is going to vote Ukip.
I have had similar responsesby friends who work for other parties. I suspect that many many more will find the same. Now if we could only persuade people to vote how they believe, rather than as this commentor does, then finally we might have the government we want rather than that we feel we have to have.
I came out UKIP but I’m still going to vote Conservative as it is the best hope we have for getting rid of Labour and rebuilding the ecconomy. I think you over estimate your own and the blogosphere’s influence on voting intentions. UKIP have no chance of power and can therefore say what they like. The consevatives have to be very careful what they promise as the are still odds on favourites to win the election.
Or this one,
This seems a good tool and obviously a lot of thought has gone into it. I came out strongly UKIP with the Conservatives and Lib Dems equal second.
My intention was to vote Lib Dem in order to keep out an unsatisfactory Conservative candidate in the Cheadle constituency. However, if I come to believe that UKIP has a chance of substantial electoral success to become a large thorn in Parliament I shall vote for them.
Vote for what you want, not what you fear.

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That makes me feel much better ... that's one more vote for the unmentionable Party.