Friday, April 02, 2010

Flamboyant... Recriminatory... Really... Moi? gives England Expects a write up. Surprisingly polite.
As a behind the scenes gossip column on the in-fighting and machinations of the European parliament it's pretty good and the writing is as flamboyant and recriminatory as Nigel Farage's dress sense.

Unlike most bloggers Gawain Towler is not keen to be the focus of attention. You would need to be a serious political geek to know that he's press officer and chief of staff for UKIP in the European parliament.
But then, that's exactly who this blog is aimed at.
And after last night's Have I Got News For You I suspect it is my dress sense that will be in for a bit of grief. - It wasn't me, it was a doppleganger.

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Dick Puddlecote said...

Doppelganger? Don't be silly, your double wouldn't be so easily compromised. ;-)